Tips on Moving on In Life

There will be events and circumstances that you will probably remember for the rest of your life. some will be positive while some will be negative. There are many people who experience negative events that causes their life to come to a stop and sort of stay in limbo. Things like losing a job or ending a relationship could be quite hard to deal with. So how do you move on with your life when things like this happen?

Well, for one, realize that nothing is permanent. As the saying goes, “This too shall pass.” Given enough time, any pain you may be going through will decrease. It’s certainly tough to believe things will get better just with the passage of time but it will.

For those going through a break up, it may help to talk to those who have gone through tough break ups in the past, not really for any particular advice but just to realize that they got through it just fine and so will you. Keep in mind that no matter what you’re going through, even experiencing a death of a loved one, tons of people have gone through the same thing and have gotten out of it just fine.

Another thing it realize is that although giving yourself some time to heal is great, spending way too much time holding onto the past can be emotionally unhealthy as well as a waste of time. Life is super short and you only have one shot at experiencing it. Just see everything you go through, both good and bad as just that, an experience. Once the experience is over, move onto the next one. Life is a succession of experiencing so the longer you hold onto the current one, the less time you’ll have to experience the more positive ones.

For more thoughts on the topic, you can go here to read some quotes about moving on.


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